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A few weeks ago, the boys and I got to visit Kinderfarm Park. for the first time! Before I let them go run and get dirty, I wanted to get a few photos of them all together. My number one reason being that little L doesn’t have any pictures hanging on our wall! I know !Can you believe it?? It’s awful! I’m working on fixing that! The boys were not as interested in cooperating at first! At lease, K wasn’t!


After a few tries and silly faces, I finally got them all to cooperate at the same time! Nothing short of amazing! This is the photo of our boys that gets to grace our living room wall now, and I couldn’t be happier!


They even let me get some individual shots of each of them!

I really liked this photo of J. He was looking off watching his two younger brothers play. I feel that it really captures his current mood as a preteen; laid back, not interested in running around like a crazy toddler, and not always interested in smiling for photos! He liked it, too, until the print arrived, and he let me know he didn’t like that he wasn’t smiling. Guess who gets to have a do-over? 😉


K is at the stage now where he wants nothing to do with me taking his picture (Could you tell by the crazy face in the first photo??) I got him to stand still for just a minute and was able to get this shot. I think it’s one of my favorites of him.


And last, there’s baby L. Not so much a baby anymore. Always on the go. I only got one shot to take his photo. As soon as J let go of his hand and walked away, he was ready to run. The award for fastest photo of the day definitely goes to this guy!

And just like that, I have photos of all three boys ready to go. I already ordered the prints and bought the frames. Today is the day they all get to get hung on the wall!!

Later this week, I will share the rest of our adventures at KinderFarm where we got to see all the fun animals they had there!

Be sure to check back for these posts coming soon:

P52 photos from March,

Gas & Steam Engine Show

Cherry Blossoms in DC

Maternity photos in the Cherry Blossoms

Sunrise at the Annapolis City Dock

and this year’s ClickinWalk with ClickinMoms!!

I can’t wait to share all the fun photo opportunities I’ve had so far this Spring!


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I feel like I have been in such a rut lately. I haven’t wanted to pick up my camera and shoot anything. A lot of it has to do with the weather. It’s just so cold out, and I hate being cold. There is only so much I can photograph inside!

We recently had a day that was nice enough to go outside for some fresh air. For me, that meant sitting on the porch with a glass of sweet tea and a magazine. For K, it meant playing in all the mud from the melted snow!

Here, K was building a track for his dirtbike to race on!

 Then he decided to be shy and try to hide form me. This little guy is so silly. He makes me smile every day!

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The themes for February were a lot of fun. I found these a little easier than some others I have done. I am really enjoying this project, and I can’t wait to see what the rest of the year brings!
Without further delay…Here are February’s photos!

Week 5 | Small

I love this age. So small, yet he thinks he is so big. I love watching him try to do the things his big brothers do. And when he catches me watching and blows me a kiss…I hope to remember these days forever. ♥

Week 6 | Happy

Sunsets make me happy. I love seeing how different they are every day. Getting to see and capture a sunset over a snowy field…beyond happy!!

Week 7 | Pastel
Were you able to guess this one over on my Facebook page?

We have three boys in our house, so there’s not much room for pastel…I am so glad I can have my girly pastel nail polish any time!

Week 8 | Perspective
I started the month with  a photo of this guy, so I thought I might as well end with one, too!

I was so lucky to capture this shot. It was only for a brief second that he paused to give me a smile before moving on! I was not happy with the technical aspects of it, but knowing that I got a memory of how happy this little guy is when he is getting ready to hide under the table makes it all worth it! I love seeing his perspective on all the new things in his world!

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               Are you somewhere there has been a lot of snow? Are you sick of it yet? I have to say, I am very thankful we are not in Rhode Island anymore. I think we have seen maybe 1-2 feet of snow total here in Maryland, and it has been spread out a few inches at a time. Yesterday, I think we got the biggest snowfall so far, and it was about 8 inches I believe. That kind of snowstorm I can live with!!
               We have also had quite a bit of ice! Earlier this week, we woke up to everything covered in ice! I managed to make it outside just after the sun started coming over the trees and melting everything!!  And before the neighbors had a chance to wake up! (I posted on my Instagram this morning one of the biggest things I do miss about out time in Rhode Island!)
               I was able to grab a few quick photos before the ice disappeared completely.

I shared this one on my Facebook page and Instagram. It was one of my favorites of the morning.

 I think this one is tied for my favorites of the morning!!

 I loved how the sun coming up was really making this tree and the snow sparkle!

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